Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership on Medical Device Management

Champion’s senior leaders, led by CEO Pete Casady, have become the healthcare industry’s go-to source for expertise on the provider side of medical device management. We have been at the forefront of promoting the UDI rule, making dozens of presentations to associations and conferences and writing articles and papers to inform the industry. We have designed solutions to make the highest and best use of UDI data to reduce waste and inefficiency in medical device management, while helping to avert patient harm. Using the experience from hundreds of hospitals nationwide, we tell the story of how UDI, RFID storage, and recall management can transform the healthcare supply chain and patient care.

UDI: It’s Not About (Just) the Barcode

In an updated and expanded white paper, Champion’s team of experts explores how providers can utilize Unique Device Identifiers to save millions of dollars in labor and supply spend while averting untold harm to the patients in their care. We review the major barcode standards, such as GS-1, and describe how pioneering health systems are succeeding at making use of UDI.



Hospitals Shouldn’t Wait for Unique ID for Medical Devices

In an op-ed in the industry’s leading trade journal, Pete Casady writes about how hospitals collectively lose up to $5 billion and jeopardize patient safety because of the limitations of their manual record-keeping systems for implantable devices.


UDIs Offer Healthcare a Long-Overdue Way to Save Lives and Reduce Costs

Healthcare providers need a far better understanding of the risks to patient safety from faulty or expired devices, the lack of accurate documentation of those devices and the full cost implications of widespread inefficiencies in inventory management, Pete Casady writes.


UDI Will Transform Medical Device Management—Are You Ready?

“Medical Device Management is at the center of the conversation across the healthcare industry and for good reason,” writes Pete Casady in the premier professional journal for healthcare supply chain providers and suppliers.


Automation Helps Healthcare Providers Focus More Time on Patients

In a TV segment, Pete Casady details Champion’s software-as-a-service approach to help track devices throughout the supply chain, including RFID for tissue tracking. He also says that “one of the reasons we are in this business is to free nurses (from documenting devices) to spend more time doing good for their patients.”


RFID Improves Tracking of Tissue and Medical Devices

The world’s leading journal of RFID news and information reports on how Champion’s RFID-enabled freezers and cabinets have helped hospitals reduce the loss of high-value products.